Criminal Case Bonus Free Energy Chips, Orange Juice And Coins

Criminal Case Free Energy, : 3 x Orange Juice (+20 energy) + 3 x 1000 Coins(+3000Coins) + 1 x Chips (+50 Energy)

Collect Your Daily Bonus in Criminal Case

- Daily bonus on Chips, Orange Juice, and 1000 coin packs with no click limits that you can collect right here EVERY DAY up to the maximum that the game allows. The Maiming are posted on this page. Criminal Case
Please not that when you go into the game there is a counter that shows how many you have already collected for each type. The bonuses here do NOT conflict with those supplied by the Criminal Case Page here (link to CC page). If you attempt to exceed your maximum number per day then the Notification in the game may display the incorrect type of bonus in the words or icon. That happens no matter where the bonus comes from. Here you will NEVER have to wait for your team to provide these bonuses. You will never have ones exhausted or expired.
- Tips and tricks that you probably won't find elsewhere
- Hints To maximize your game experience and advancement
- Converters to make good use of extra Stars to what you actually want them to be
- Automatic actions: Feed your pets, Accept and send Gifts, Accelerate your Level
advancement and MORE!!MORE!!