Trade your Criminal Case The Conspiracy Stars for Free Energy : Orange Juice, Chips or Burgers

Are you low on Criminal Case The Conspiracy Energy ? Come back often and Convert your unused Criminal Case The Conspiracy Stars to Free Energy!

When you are finished a case and have leftover stars, your only option now is to trade:
1 star for 20 Energy (that you have to use right away),
2 Stars for 10 000 Coins or
3 Stars for an Extra Sticker Pack.

Criminal Case The Conspiracy Trade Stars

Now, you can trade your Extra Stars in Criminal Case The Conspiracy for Burgers, Chips and Orange Juice. They are much easier to save and faster to access during a Happy Hour, when you need them right away!.

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**Previously Criminal Case Original gave you the option to trade your leftover Stars for Energy. Now, with this Criminal Case Tools you are able to Trade your leftover Stars for Free Energy!!
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