Criminal Case Tips and Tricks — Extra Energy, Instant Analysis,Instant Reports

Criminal Case Tips and tricks

CCTools Tips and Tricks Addons: Unlimited Energy / Instant Analysis / Instant Reports

1. This tip only works on mobile devices. (Android and Apple.) To use on a PC you must have an android emulator (eg:BlueStacks)
2. Open Criminal Case on your mobile device to synchronize the game with your Facebook account. Use any energy available. Then close the game.
3. Open your mobile device settings, manually change the date and time by adding one day and then open the game.
4. Use the extra energy to earn stars. *** If you feed your pet, when you return to normal time on the same device your feeding time will be increased. If you use stars to send clues to be analyzed, when you return to normal time on the same device 24 hours will be added to the length of time it takes for the clue to be analyzed.***
5. However, you can open, finished reports and use stars to look at clues yourself to fix items, collect samples, break codes to advance the game more quickly.
6. when you have used up the energy in the advanced time, close the game, return your device to normal time and reopen the game.
7. Now is the time to use your stars to send clues to be analyzed and to feed your pet.
8. You may then close the game and repeat steps 3 to 6 as many times as you wish.

Exception to #3​... you can change the date and time adding only 4 hours to get an additional 110 energy. When you have used the energy you advance another 4 hours. As long as you don’t feed your pet or start reports to be analyzed you can return to normal time at any time.
Exception to #4..​. If you are playing on two mobile devices you can feed your pet and send reports to be analyzed. When you are finished on mobile device #1 you must open the game on mobile device #2 using normal time. This will allow the game to sync your progress to normal time. If you try to return to normal time on mobile device #1 the additional time difference will be added to the length of time for your reports and the length of time to next feed your pet.

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10. You can play on multiple devices and receive full energy on each device. Android device 110 energy refills every 4 hours. Apple devices 110 energy refills every 4 hours. PC 110 energy refills every 8 hours. As long as you are signed into Facebook your game play will synchronize as you switch devices. 11. As you are playing you will randomly come across Happy Hours. Happy Hours vary as follows. Playing for stars costs +10 Energy or +15 Energy. Fill stars by 2x, Gain 2x XP points when playing for stars. 6X Combo bonus is free. It’s a good idea to have saved OJ and Burger Energy for these Happy Hours.

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