Criminal Case Level and Rank

Criminal Rank and Level

As you progress in the game of Criminal Case you will earn XP (experience) points. You can keep track of how many XP points you have by looking at the blue bar at the top left of your game screen.…

When you Level Up, you also reach a new Rank (e.g. Deputy). When this happens, in addition to getting the opportunity to share free Orange Juice on Facebook, you have the opportunity to share free Potato Chips with your friends..

Use these Criminal Case Tools to help you level up faster:

#1 Daily Bonus: This tool makes sure you receive Free Energy Rewards every Day. No longer do you have to hunt through your Criminal Case Teammates Facebook Walls to find your Rewards. Collect your Free Chips, 3 Free Orange Juice and 3 1000 coin packs simply and fast..Right Here!

#2 Auto Feed Your Pets: This tool will automatically feed your Criminal Case Pets so they grow fast and you are collecting the maximum each time your Pet finds a reward.

#3 Trade Your Criminal Case Stars For Free Energy: This tool allows you to trade your Extra Stars in Criminal Case for Orange Juice, Chips or Burgers. They are much easier to save and faster to access during a Happy Hour, when you need them right away! This Free Energy will help you Level and Rank much faster than trading your stars for STICKERS!!!

#4 Auto Get Reports: This tool will get you 3 Criminal Case reports automatically to unlock the next case without waiting for help from your Criminal Case Friends on Facebook. The faster you move on to a new case the more XP points you make.

#5 Tips and Tricks: These tips are provided by fellow players. You can move ahead more quickly in the game by following these Tips and Tricks. Caution: follow the steps closely or you may lose progress. Make sure your XP points are the same when you switch devices. If they are not, go back to previous device and login then try switching devices again.

There are currently 19 Ranks in criminal case, you can get by reaching the following levels :

Level 1Rank: Officer

Level 5Rank: Deputy

Level 12Rank: Detective

Level 20Rank: Corporal

Level 32Rank: Sergeant

Level 45Rank: Lieutenant

Level 60Rank: Captain

Level 75Rank: Major

Level 100Rank: Inspector

Level 125Rank: Lead Inspector

Level 150Rank: Commander

Level 175Rank: Deputy Chief

Level 200Rank: Commissioner

Level 250Rank: Sheriff

Level 300Rank: Ranger

Level 350Rank: Marshal

Level 400Rank: Senior Trooper

Level 500Rank: General

Level 600Rank: Secret Agent

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